What is FRINGE?

The idea of “fringe” originated in 1947 Scotland, where local artists rebelled against the curated city arts festival, performing their shows on the “fringe” of the larger festival. Since then, that energy has inspired fringe festivals to pop up around the world.

The Tampa International Fringe Festival was founded in 2016, and lives in the heart of Historic Ybor City. As a member of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF), the Tampa Fringe abides by specific principles — to promote inclusivity, allow for creative freedom, to give 100% of the base ticket price to artists, and more.

The 411

Our ten day festival encompasses everything that hasn’t found a home yet on the main stage at the performing arts center. Fringe is your best friend ranting about the rising price of gas. It’s is the big new musical. Fringe is the backpacker from the other side of the planet here to share their story. It’s the gospel soloist from the community center. Fringe is you.

Fringe is also a verb in the festival circuit. It means to fully immerse yourself in the many activities surrounding the festival. If you want to “fringe” like a pro, we recommend the following.

  • See shows at our venues across Ybor.
  • Hang out at Fringe Central and talk about what you’ve witnessed.
  • Participate in our special events.
  • Eat, drink, and shop at our many Ybor businesses.
  • Show your support by wearing your fringe apparel while you’re here!

And if you’re really getting into the spirit, consider volunteering, hosting an artist, or sponsoring the festival!


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