For Artists

Got an idea for a site specific show? A Kids show? Those parts of fringe are curated. Please email to inquire.

Applications are CLOSED for the 2024 Tampa Fringe!

Important Dates:
June 5 – 16, 2024 – 8th Annual Tampa Fringe Festival

What You Get from Us

  • 100% of the base ticket price!
  • All artists will receive THREE performances at a venue with box office volunteers, a technician, and BASIC technical abilities at a minimum, with two hours of technical rehearsal time.
  • A chance to experiment and try something new.
  • Your show in the Fringe Guide with 1500 in distribution, and mentioned via social media pushes on Facebook & Twitter (providing you provide us with materials to do so.). We also advertise via many other outlets – Creative Loafing, TBT, Watermark, TV spots, radio and more.
  • Possible billeting for out-of-towners. The most years we managed to house EVERYONE! *Note – this is more difficult with large casts.
  • To hang out in Florida! In the sun. There’s a water park, and Busch Gardens, you know…this year we’re going to Picnic Island! And every year we have the BEST beach day after the festival, and we will do so again!
  • If you are continuing to another Fringe after this, it’s a great way to develop and perfect a brand new work in front of a welcoming audience, especially if you need to fine tune your show for Florida audiences.
  • Parties!!! It’s Florida. We like to party, what can we say?

What you Do

  • Apply and pay the non-refundable application fee of $35 (or $25 if Earlybird!) At a bare minimum you need show title and a company name when you apply. If your show is selected in the lottery, your Registration Fee of $200 is due 5 days following the drawing.
  • If you are drawn (in the lottery or off the waitlist): Get a show together. It can be just you, or a bunch of folks. You may have a show already in the can, or you may be making up a title and then writing a show when you get in. But you need a show, by tech time!
  • If you didn’t write/devise/create this show yourself (which we highly encourage), GET THE RIGHTS. We will be in no way liable for legal ramifications here.
  • Get people to come to your show! You keep 100% of the box office proceeds, so the more people you get to come, the more money you can put in your pocket, and the more people will know about Fringe, the more people will go see other shows too, and the cycle continues…
  • And most importantly – participate in the festival! We are all about creating community at the Tampa Fringe – that’s one of the reasons we do what we do. There are parties, special events to perform in, volunteering opportunities, and of course, a ton of show you can see!!! We love participation so much we have an award that we give out each year – the Fringe Harder Award.
First we draw our diversity lotteries to ensure inclusion. Categories include but are not limited to: Ethnic Diversity, Accessibility, and LGBTQ.

Then we draw our new “Voted Award Lottery”. Any show that has won Edge, Best of Fest, or Social Good Awards in the past, who is applying, can be included in this lottery. One winner will be drawn from this pool.

Then the remainder of the lottery is drawn in order of International, National, Local. The percentages for each catergory are 25%, 25%, and 50% respectively. Shows drawn in the diversity and award lotteries are pulled written in the location lotteries, to ensure the 25/25/50 division.

The lottery drawing is a public event held somewhere in Tampa each year, and is also streamed live on Facebook to achieve transparency.

The fee for applying is $35.00 per show, and is non-refundable. For applicants applying PRIOR to November 11th, we will knock $10.00 off of that price as an early-bird incentive.

Please especially note:

  • In order to apply as a local, the applicants address must lie within a 30 mile radius of Ybor City, and the show can not be performed within this radius for 30 days before and after the festival.
  • As is our tradition, the WAITLIST will be created in order of timestamp of the applications (first come first serve waitlist, if you will). So while the lottery is still a lottery, it can pay off to apply early to be early on the waitlist.

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